Seok Chang Woo: A Journey Together (preview of the 2018 Pyongchang Winter Para-Olympics)

What career would you pursue if you were electrocuted by 22,900 volts and suddenly  lost both your arms and two toes?  Why, paint, of course!  At least, that’s what Seok Changwoo decided to do.  Seok combines traditional Korean calligraphy with Western croquis (rapid sketching) techniques to create dynamic works of art.

After the accident that nearly took his life, Seok Changwoo was resting at home when his toddler son innocently asked him asked him to draw a picture.  Now, Seok did not have any formal artistic training or arms, but picked up a pencil with his prosthetic limbs to please his child.   The rest is history.

Seok enjoys painting athletes, probably because they possess a freedom of movement that he lacks.  “A Journey Together” was painted during the closing ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Para-Olympic Games to highlight the next host city: Pyongchang, South Korea.  He is accompanied by Song Sohee, who sings the traditional folk song “Arirang.”


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